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Stadium at USF is turning from concept to reality - Between Classes Magazine
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Stadium at USF is turning from concept to reality

TAMPA, Fla. (Aug. 8, 2017) – University of South Florida is in the beginning stages of building a stadium on campus. After having their best season ever, 11-2, and then hiring coach Charlie Strong after Willie Taggart  left for Oregon. There have been talks of a new stadium on campus or switching to a stronger conference. Well family, after the Big 12 decided not to expand, everyone got back on board to what the Bulls really need. A Stadium on campus!! USF has the land, but where would a new home for the best fans in college football be placed? I was delighted to see that where I thought it should go all the time may be the spot. The 42 page study http://www.usf.edu/pdfs/football-conceptual-planning-study.pdf calls it Zone 1, but you know it as Bruce B Downs and Fowler.

All I can say is it is going to be great! Make sure you are at the Fan Fest. Get Season Tickets and see you at the game! Go Bulls!!



(Photo By USF Athletics)

(Article by Toby Scott)





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