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USF Business sits down with Don Fox of Firehouse Subs - Between Classes Magazine
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USF Business sits down with Don Fox of Firehouse Subs

University of South Florida’s MUMA College of Business has done it again. The continue to have great conversations with real business leaders. This time it was Don Fox CEO of Firehouse Subs.

This was a great day for me because I really enjoy the “Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar Brisket with Sweet Baby Rays” and learning how businesses operate. 2 things that stuck with me were “You have to see the shift in your Industry and Life is more than Money.”

The shift for Firehouse was dealing with new companies delivering their food. The result of this was being able to deliver he same high quality while the customer is not eating in their restaurant.  They also saw they did not need as much restaurant space to produce the same financial outcomes.

He also talked about the need to attract Millenials to his brand. I think that is the key to surviving.

I really was moved about the emphasizes he put on Life is more the Money. We all know in today’s get money all day environment this can be hard. “You have to love what you do!”


p.s. I did ask about any new breads in the works and he state no. He really hurt with that one.

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