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The S.E.C. tournament - Between Classes Magazine
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The S.E.C. tournament

The S.E.C. tournament has been known to carry the Kentucky Wildcats deep into positioning when it comes playing basketball in March however this year the best player in the SEC is Ben Simmons who attends LSU and many consider him the top pick in the draft..The kid is being compared to LeBron James however he has all American shooter Antonio Blakey with him to try and make a 22865209600_006ae45109_zpush for the NCAA tournament…The Texas A and M Aggies are the favorites to win the tournament which many people won’t believe it will happen until it happens…John Calipari has his Wildcats looking to make a push…but the jury is still out on this Kentucky unit..There is first round talent once again There is a kid name Murray who is nice…but can he lead them to the Land of Legends in Kentucky History?…Arkansas will try to pull some strings..and don’t be surprised if Vanderbilt makes some people go home early…As usual the SEC basketball is overshadowed because of its monster football tradition…But don’t be surprised to see some hard defense high flying players and some down right explosive athletic basketball with the SEC..

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