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The Road Weeps, The Well Runs Dry - Between Classes Magazine
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The Road Weeps, The Well Runs Dry

RW photo 1 Perri Gaffney and Tiffany Shultz


On April 13th, 2014, the USF Theatre presented “The Road Weeps, The Well Runs Dry”, a spirited play set in Oklahoma city.  The lives and languages of various Indian tribes (Chickasaw, Cherokee, and Creek) were interwoven throughout this RW Photo 2 Paul Pullen and Faith Jonestale of love, power, betrayal, and heartbreak.  The main characters included, Number Two, Mary South, Trobridge, Half George, Sweet Tea, Good Bird, and Colorado.  Number Two is believed to “not be of this world”.  His wife, Mary South, has been poisoning him for years, “but he just won’t die!”  Sweet Tea, their daughter, is pregnant and having a not so secret relationship with Good Bird.  His father, Trobrige, also known as Number One, was the town’s original sheriff, until he was murdered under mysterious circumstances.  His mother, Half George, takes their child at birth after finding out her son has sufferedRW Photo 3 Naomy Ambroise the same fate as his father.  She names him “Wonderful”.  Colorado, is a man’s man who doesn’t belong to anyone.  But he’s a mighty warrior, no matter how “ugly” his features may appear.  This play tells the story that, “Love is the road that weeps, Then there is no more love to teach.”

Photos: Courteous of USF College of the Arts

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