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The Poets @USF! - Between Classes Magazine
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The Poets @USF!

The Poets at the University of South Florida is a diverse open-mic and performing arts

organization. The Poets welcome students and non-students in the Tampa Bay and surrounding

areas to come and experience an uncensored creative atmosphere. For six years The Poets have

provided an environment where students and non-students can express themselves freely through


The Poets cater to all types of art forms including but not limited to poetry, dance, painting, song or

instrumentals. We do not discriminate against race, gender, sex, sexual orientation or preferences,

class, religious or political reviews. However, we do allow all expression forms to discuss and/or

incorporate any and all topics. The Poets is not a controversial organization nor do we encourage

or promote controversities. Our goal is to encourage, inform, inspire, express and distress with

creative freedom.

The Poets are a non-profit organization on the University of South Florida campus.

The Poets @USF! Open Mic & Student Performing Arts Organization Open to Students & non-students EVERY THURSDAY (except 3rd Thursday of every month).

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