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Saint Augustine's University win 5th Straight Track and Field Title - Between Classes Magazine
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Saint Augustine’s University win 5th Straight Track and Field Title

BRADENTON, Fla. (May 30) – Saint Augustine’s University earned their fifth straight men’s NCAA Division II Outdoor Track and Field Championship hosted at IMG Academy on Saturday, May 27th. This year, fans had to stay and watch the 4 x 400 relay to see if they could pull it off.

We were fortunate to see how dominant they were last year, but this year, everything had to fall in place for them to win the crown. So are you ready for the breakdown? The day started with Shawn Rowe taking second place in the 110 high hurdles behind Juan Scott of Central State. Juan Scott stated, “I feel good and I am getting ready for next year!” The next event was the 400 meters which featured 2 great runners for St. Augustine. When Omar Johnson (46.07) and Khari Herbert Jr. (46.10) placed 2nd and 3rd to add 14 points, we knew this day was shaping up to be a classic.

Next up was facility record holder in the 800 meters, Shaquille Dill. Although he did not have the same success as last year, adding 4 points was very helpful. Shawn Rowe made it look easy winning the 400 meters hurdle in a time of 49.42. “I will be ready for the 4 x 400 meter relay”, he stated.

With points very close after the 400 hurdles and not many events left, Head Coach George Williams stated, “We got to get it in the 200.” I noticed that Lincoln had 2 runners, Stephen Rose in lane 6 and Faedian Royes in lane 8. So they knew they had to get out fast. Omar Johnson of St. Augustine had the slowest time coming in and he was in lane 1. He could see everything but it’s very difficult to make noise from his position. Lester Miller of Shorter is right where you want to be, in the pocket “Lane 5”. He has the second fastest time coming in and knows Bronze medal-winner Mobolade Ajomale of Academy of Art would love to finish his day with another 1st place victory. Well fans, Lester Miller of Shorter was the winner. Stephen Rose was 2nd, Omar Johnson was 3rd, and a late kick by Faedian Royes, was 4th. This helped set up the showdown for the men’s title.

St. Augustine is coming into the 4 x 400 meter relay with the fastest time, but do they have anything left in the tank to hold off Lincoln? When Khari Herbert, Jr. crossed the line 3:06.96 later ahead of Lincoln’s Miguel Barton, we got our answer.

Side notes:
Men’s 5,000, Vincent Kiprup, Missouri Southern, championship record, 13:48.88, championship record

Freshman and Sophomores :
Juan Scott Central State first place 110 high hurdles

Cervantes Jackson
Albany State [SO] Triple Jump

Austin Hogan 3rd in Discus Throw
Indianapolis [SO]

Myles Pringle
Ashland [SO] Open 400

Mobolade Ajomale
Academy of Art [SO] 10.17
10 Pts 4
2 Lester Miller
Shorter [SO]

William Mayhew
UC-Colo. Spgs. [SO] 800 2nd

Vincent Kiprop 2nd 5000
Missouri Southern [SO] 13:48.88

Lester Miller
Shorter [SO] 200 1st

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