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James Franklin has Penn State rolling - Between Classes Magazine
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The Nittany Lion entertained the crowd with his dance moves between the first and second quarters.

James Franklin has Penn State rolling

James Franklin of Penn State has done a great job of bringing good news back to Happy Valley.  It seems as if he has recruited not only great athletes, but special players at his program.  In the win vs Iowa on the road which is always a Big Ten battle.  The Lions stayed focused never seemed rattled at all. Quarterback Trace McShorely making a play at the line of scrimmage before throwing a sphere of a touchdown pass to receiver Juwon Johnson for the only receiving touchdown pass of the night.

Trace McShorely who looks like a Jim Mcmahon clone put it right where it needed to be.  However Shaquon Barkely is the one everyone is raving as a Heisman front runner early in the year.  And why not he not only led Penn State with rushing, but receiving as well.  Penn State remains in the top five but how long no one knows for certain.  Barkley’s great game in the loss versus USC torpedoed  his name in the homes of America and now it is obvious the momentum has carried over like a category 5 storm in college football.  However, it is not easy because also looming in the Big Ten are the usual suspects of the Wisconsin Badgers, Ohio State Buckeyes, and Michigan Wolverines.  Time will tell who will emerge but it is evident right now some rays from the sun are shining down on Penn State, James Franklin, and the young men whom he has groomed to emerge as Heisman contenders, and All American awards as well.  Penn State won the game 21-19 on the last play of the game to win.  If time is still on the clock there is always a chance in life.  Penn State showed us all that Saturday night.

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