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Offense Shines during USF Spring Game… - Between Classes Magazine
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Offense Shines during USF Spring Game…

By Yousaf “DaGuru” Khan

Fans of the USF program were probably thrilled over their new offense in the annual spring game on Saturday. If the passing game can produce like this in the fall, watch out AAC! Led by new offense coordinator and QB coach Kerwin Bell, the 3 quarterbacks combined for over 500 yards of passing and 5 passing touchdowns. The format of the game was offense versus defense, with the offense easily winning 73-36.

The fireworks started earlier as QB Blake Barnett hit a wide open Mitchell Wilcox for a 75 yard touchdown on the first play of the game. Wilcox added that “Coach Bell was all the brains (of that play), I just finished the deal… he schemed it up well and we had been setting the play up over the last few practices.”
Big plays and spreading the ball might be the new norm in this offense as 6 passing plays covered at least 34 yards, including plays of 75, 62 and 55 yards. All told, five USF WR’s/TE‘s ha

QB Blake Barnett is entrenched as the starter for the fall, but Jordan McCloud and Octavi\ous Battle each had their moments in the battle for top back-up. McCloud went 17 out of 25 for a game high 228 yards and 2 td’s and Battle went 8 of 12 for 146 yards and 2 td’s as well. This competition will likely continue into fall camp.

Defense had their moments as well

The defense had their moments as well combining for 13 sacks and 3 interceptions in a scoring system that heavily favored the offense. Senior DE Greg Reaves led the way with 3 sacks pressuring the qb’s in the noncontact red jerseys. Vincent “Smoke” Davis showed his big hit ability from the DB position and stated the secondary is ready to make plays this coming fall.

Former Bulls and one Hall of Famer show their support

Some former bulls that were watching on the sideline included George Selvie, BJ Daniels, Marquez Valdez Scantling, and Kayvon Webster. Hall of Fame Linebacker and Buccaneer legend Derrick Brooks was on hand as well.

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