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No Hester or Baker for the 100 Meter finals - Between Classes Magazine
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No Hester or Baker for the 100 Meter finals

EUGENE, Ore. — How did this happen? The 2016 NCAA Track and Field Championships 100 Meter finals will not have Ronnie Baker or Tevin Hester. Both have been looking world class and outstanding at times these last 2 years.

Mr. Hester is the back to back ACC 100M champ. When he crossed the line in 2015 at 9.87 the world was on notice.

Mr. Baker is the current 60M Indoor champ where he edged out Houston’s Cameron Burrell in a blazing 6.47.

Enough about their success lets get back to who we think will take the crown. Jarrion Lawson is a very busy man and if he pulls this off he would be a Super hero plus or minus the cape. Since he does the long jump add the cape!!  Senoj-Jay Givans comes in with the fastest time of 9.96. Then there is Cameon Burrell  who everyone knows can straight up move down the track. Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake is the current 2016 SEC Champ in 100M beating all challengers like Coleman, Cotton,Lawson, and Woodson.  With the way the lanes are set up I believe Cameron Burrell will help Markesh Woodson but Tennessee’s Christian Coleman should take the crown today.