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New College Football Uniforms in the State of Florida

By: Nicholas Austin-Holliday

The 2014-2015 college football season is quickly approaching and fans in the state of Florida have a lot to look forward to. One of the biggest preseason topics outside of recruiting and last year’s records are the new uniforms that certain teams will be sporting. The FSU Seminoles, USF Bulls, and UM Hurricanes will all be sporting new uniforms and/or helmets this fall.

The Noles will mainly wear their traditional garnet and gold color scheme but with the help of Nike they have updated their uniforms. Their traditional garnet top and gold pants will be their main home uniform like it has always been. They have also added an all white uniform and an all black uniform.New College Football Uniforms in the State of Florida The Noles still have an all gold helmet but this year they
also add a garnet helmet which fades to black towards the bottom. I believe that the favorite for the fan base will continue to be the garnet top and gold pants but the idea of mixing things up on the road and for a big game or two is pretty enticing. The Noles will also be sporting a new logo this year which debuted to mixed results but fans should get use to it because it is being used university wide and it appears that it is here to stay.

New College Football Uniforms in the State of FloridaThe Bulls had some struggles on the field this past season but with the top recruiting class in the AAC and new helmets it should generate plenty buzz for their fans. With the help of Under Armour the Bulls debuted a matte green helmet with a gold facemask and a jumbo sized gold chrome bull head on both sides which really makes the helmet stand out. The other helmet they debuted is a flashy gold chrome helmet with a green facemask and the bull head in green which will really turn some heads. The Bulls look to be a contender in the AAC and their new helmets will only bring more excitement to their program.

With the help of Nike the Hurricanes rolled out new uniforms but naturally they will keep their iconic orange and greenNew College Football Uniforms in the State of Florida color scheme. They debuted four color combinations consisting of an all white uniform with green accents, an all orange uniform with green accents, an all green, and all grey uniform. The Hurricanes will keep their classic white helmet with the UM logo but they also introduced an orange helmet with a grey facemask and the UM logo on the side.

New uniforms are rolled out for many reasons. It could simply be that the current ones are outdated, new lightweight and breathable material needs to start being used, or the program just feels like it is time for a change. Above all every team wants and expects to play at a high level no matter what uniform they are wearing, but the benefits that new uniforms have with recruits, fan bases, and within a program cannot be ignored.