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Miami starting to soar with Mark Richt - Between Classes Magazine
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Miami starting to soar with Mark Richt

Mark Richt continues to use his Georgia style rushing attack even though he is now at Miami. Although he no longer has maybe the best NFL running back in Nick Chubb and South Florida legend Sony Michel .His new stack of running backs aren’t too shabby especially Mark Walton. He isn’t hard to find wearing the number uno and right now he is making the end zone his place of residency scoring 4 tds Saturday. It looks like there is a 12 gauge in the offense along with Joe Yearby (Mr. Feet).

Brad Kaaya didn’t play his best game but at this point Miami just needs to stay healthy and win. The defense led by Ball hawk Rayshawn Jenkins proved to be too much for FAU.  The defense must play  much better due to Appalachian State lurking at high noon Saturday in North Carolina. The defensive line looks scary but hasn’t seen a true offensive team. Chad Thomas and Demetrius Jackson (spiritual leader) will need to continue to disrupt and stay mentally sharp as this team will need leadership from someone on the defensive side due to inexperience at some places on defense.

It will be important for Miami to be prepared for Appalachian State on Saturday. It will be hostile however a win on the road Saturday and this could be the confidence this team needs to win the ACC. They say there is always sunshine after the rain and with MIA being hit with injuries lately winning could somehow make the season longer than it has been years and possibly show the younger generations that the stories that they have heard about UM in the past can turn into wins of the present.

Mark Richt has work cut out for him but having the talent that he has and his football IQ maybe just what Miami needs to wins sooner than later! Besides its Football and everyone knows in Florida the football motto is any given Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

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