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Miami Coach Mark Richt on matchup with Duke on Friday night… - Between Classes Magazine
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Miami Coach Mark Richt on matchup with Duke on Friday night…

Between Classes reporter Yousaf Khan joined the ACC weekly teleconference for Miami Hurricanes head coach Mark Richt and asked about the ground attack.

“You were mentioning the defense. Duke has a really strong rushing defense, I believe they’re ranked second nationally, allowing 65 yards per game. You guys on the opposite side are ranked 11th in rushing offense, averaging about 285 yards per game. How important is it to establish the rushing game….and Mark Walton coming off his leg injury and hopefully playing this weekend?”

Answer from MARK RICHT:
“Yeah, it’s big, there is no doubt. We’ve always wanted to run the ball. I’ve never been the type of offensive coach that felt like we need to sling it every down. I enjoy throwing and catching as much as anybody. But if you don’t have a good, solid running game, you’re going to get some coverages that you never dreamed of. So the better you run the ball, the less complicated some of the coverages become. It helps you throw and catch the ball. So it’s going to be big. You know, everybody thinks that the running game starts with the offensive line and ends with the offensive line. It certainly starts there, but you need your tight end to block. You need your receivers to block. We’ve had a lot of long runs, but mostly because our receivers are blocking down field and springing these backs once they get through the interior line. I’m proud of the job that our receivers have done blocking.”

Richt also went to say how impressed he is with overall Duke defense and especially opposing teams converting only 7 out of 50 on third down, a big reason why they are 4-0. He also praised the play and leadership of senior WR Braxton Berrios and starting QB Malik Rosier.

The (2-0) Miami Hurricanes travel on the road to play the Duke Blue Devils (4-0) on Friday 9/29/17 at 7:00 PM on ESPN.

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