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Kid Heisman vs. Orgeron’s Tigers - Between Classes Magazine
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Kid Heisman vs. Orgeron’s Tigers

I remember at about 12 or 13 years old my dad went and got me a game for my Sega Genesis (yes this was before the PlayStation 1, 2, 3 and 4) called Kida1 Chameleon where you could get all these different types of powers from different helmets. Louisville Heisman winning quarterback Lamar Jackson reminds me a lot of that kid. First off there’s the incredible video game like numbers he was able to put up this year, how amazing he’s been to be so young and it does in fact seem like he has super powers. Let me explain the whole chameleon reference though. There were times where I wasn’t sure whether or not he was a quarterback because of all the beautifully placed balls he would sit in receivers hands, a wide receiver thanks to that amazing breakaway speed he showed off so often or a running back due to the way he would break down a linebacker or safety and carry their ankles with him into the end zone.

a2The conclusion I’ve now come to is that he is simply a chameleon like, helluva football player. He’s also now the youngest player to ever win the Heisman trophy at the fresh young age of 19. Most of us have absolutely zero clue what we are going to do with our lives at the age of 19 but it’s pretty clear here Jackson does not have that problem. You know who does have a problem though? LSU has a problem, that’s who. Louisville and LSU will face off against one another in the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl, December 31st in Orlando, Florida. LSU now has the unenviable task of trying to figure out how to slow down the most dynamic football player college football had to offer us this season.

It’s almost like playing against Vick 3.0, just as fast and quick, but more accurate and a strong arm to boot. If you ask the rest of the ACC about Michael a3Vick in college they’ll tell you exactly how much more dangerous Lamar Jackson just might be. With that said though, you know who else is fast and quick? Coach Al Orgeron’s tiger defense. Since taking over as the interim coach mid-season, Orgeron’s tigers have looked plenty dynamic themselves on the defensive side of the ball. LSU never lacks for speed and quickness on either side of the ball but especially on the side that really likes to hit people and makes plays. This is the same LSU defense that held that steamroller of a team Alabama to zero points through 3 quarters of a game, and did so convincingly.

We may believe that LSU’s defense is worried about how they’re going to contain the 2016 Heisman trophy winner but I can almost guarantee those kids a4are looking forward to the challenge and will be looking to prove just how good they are to anyone planning on watching. In the same breath though, after a few rough games to end Louisville’s season I can promise you Lamar Jackson is relishing the opportunity to prove all the doubters and naysayers wrong about whether or not he should have been named the Heisman winner, against one of the best and most athletic defenses in the country. You know who can’t wait for this game and to see how it all unfolds? Louisville, LSU and the rest of the college football world, that’s who.

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