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Keith Robinson along with Chirch and The Dirty Thought perform at the TCBFF - Between Classes Magazine
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Keith Robinson along with Chirch and The Dirty Thought perform at the TCBFF

21512158173_1279ff501e_z21944195760_4863c89d63_zOn Friday, October 9, 2015, Chirch & The Dirty Thought opened up for Kevin Robinson at the Twin Cities Black Film Festival.  They performed original songs including smash hit “Spent on Time Away”.  This heart-wrenching ballad explores the pain of losing a loved one.  Chirch asks the audience, “How many of you know what it’s like to lose someone that you love; to gun violence, cancer, disease, or maybe they’re still here but you let them get away?”  This song encourages listeners to hold on to what they’ve learned and let go of the pain.

22132380735_037deb2e95_zKeith Robinson proved himself to be a man of many talents.  Robinson is most known for his acting talents, both in film and television (Dreamgirls, Get on Up, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne). However, he was signed to Motown Records while attending the University of Georgia and has been pursuing a career in music ever since.  Robinson instantly grabbed the audience’s attention by singing, “How does Minneapolis feel tonight?” reminiscent of D’Angelo’s “How Does It Feel?”


He kept up the momentum with R & B Classics “Red Eye” and “Just Kissed” off his upcoming album entitled “Love Episodic”.  Robinson appeared to be telling a romantic story while crooning “Stay awake for me, Don’t fall asleep, I’ll be on the next flight, Save your love for me” and “I never felt this feeling, I never felt so good, Cause I just kissed my baby.”  “Love Episodic” is scheduled to be released on Valentine’s Day.

For more information, follow Keith Robinson on Twitter at @keithsings.

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