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Hurricane warning issued for Tallahassee - Between Classes Magazine
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Hurricane warning issued for Tallahassee

The Miami Hurricanes defeated the Duke Blue Devils 31-6 on Friday night. It was the return of big plays here and there with a combination of a stingy defense. Mark Walton got much attention and was held to a season low of 51 yards. However Travis Homer showed defenses that their is more than one running back down in Miami as well. He finished with 43 yards on just three carries with a touchdown. Making his case for more touches and not to put so much punishment on Walton if not necessary due to his running style. Braxton Berrios continued to show improvement scoring on a beautiful touchdown toss from Rosier. Braxton nearly had another touch down reception in which he stepped out at the three yard line.

The defense held Duke to just six points for the game and that was by two field goals, no touchdowns was given. Look for the defense to stay aggressive and making turnovers as the bid for the Turnover chain is real. Mike Pinkney from Jacksonville had an interception. The corner back play was solid as Malik Young, Michael Jackson, and Dee Delaney all had nice games. Up next is a show down with Tallahassee, and if the defensive line led by Joe Jackson, and Chad Thomas can get to FSU’s freshman quarterback early there should be no reason why the streak of seven straight losses shouldn’t come to an end in Tallahassee!

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