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Here comes the Madness!! - Between Classes Magazine
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Here comes the Madness!!

By Antwan Jackson

31265451375_aa565b2898_zThe NCAA tournament is under way and there is no clear cut favorite. This could be the first time in a while a person could flip a coin and that’s who may win the tournament. For instance North Carolina is strong but Duke showed everyone they can be defeated.  Coach Kryszeski has another ACC tournament by defeating Rick Pitno and knocking off a pesky Clemson squad. The ACC was  clearly the 31059485351_7f975800cd_ztoughest basketball conference in America this year along with the Big 12. Iowa state led by Deonte Burton is a tough team who could do some damage in the tournament. Kansas was bounced early however Josh Jackson did not play and it proved costly for the Jay Hawks. Nobody is panicking just yet, however a loss to TCU was not in the plans for maybe the best backcourt in the nation with Mason III and Graham. Then there is Kentucky,along with a Gonzaga team searching for respect because not many believe they can go past the sweet 16 but I think this squad has Final Four potential. There are many more teams in the hunt for a championship but it depends on who will gel the fastest along with who can play the best defense. One thing for sure there is plenty of NBA talent across the nation and someone will make a heavy impression on NBA scouts and living rooms across America simply because it’s March Madness!!

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