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FSU vs Northern Illinois 2018 - Between Classes Magazine
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FSU vs Northern Illinois 2018

FSU vs Northern Illinois 2018

Tallahassee, FL – The Florida State Seminoles now sit at 2-2 after defeating the Northern Illinois Huskies. Based on name value the game should not have been close, but that’s not the case with the Seminoles this season. The game was a must win for Noles and they handled their business.

FSU comes out the gate strong

Seminole fans had to be pleasantly surprised as the team started the game by driving right down the field to score a touchdown. Although it involved a little luck, such as the ball being deflected off of Keith Gavin, the touchdown reception by Jacques Patrick still counted for six. The Seminoles would follow that drive up by scoring a touchdown on their very next drive with a seven yard run by Cam Akers.

What made the first two touchdown drives for the Seminoles so impressive is that statistically, the Huskies had a top 15 defense. Before the game on Saturday afternoon, the Seminoles scored a combined ten points against the two Division I programs they faced. Scoring 37 against a tough Huskies defense can only help boost their confidence level going forward.

FSU on defense

On the other side of the ball the Seminole defense held the Huskies offense to 221 total yards, which included only six rushing yards. They added four sacks and three QB hurries. The defense only gave up one chunk play over 20 yards to the Huskies, a 66 yard touchdown reception by D.J. Brown.

The Seminoles weren’t perfect and were far from it in the game. With that being said, you saw improvement across the board, especially from the much maligned offensive line. For a team that has struggled under a new coaching staff implementing a new offensive and defensive scheme, improvement is all that you can ask for.

FSU seasonal outcome

Photo courtesy of College Press Box

As the season wears on and the players continue to get more comfortable in their roles and with the scheme, confidence and on-field play should continue to improve. The schedule only gets tougher for the Seminoles from here on out. While the scoreboard may not consistently favor the Seminoles going forward, it’s important to look at their growth on the field as they continue to improve and build for the future.


By: Nicholas Austin-Holliday;

                    Twitter: @naustinholliday


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