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“Forgiveness” Movie Screening at Twin Cities Black Film Festival - Between Classes Magazine
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“Forgiveness” Movie Screening at Twin Cities Black Film Festival


On Friday, October 9th, 2015, “Forgiveness”, an independent film by writer and director, Hakim Khalfani, was premiered at the Twin Cities Black Film Festival.  Starring Richard T. Jones, “Forgiveness” includes other supporting cast members Robine Lee, Adam Lazarre-White, Maya Gilbert, Inny Clemons, Charles Malik Whitfield, and Kelly Pendygrapht. Set in Mississippi, it is the story of Joseph, a dedicated pastor of First AME Church of Canton that crosses into forbidden territory.

“Forgiveness” is loosely based on a novel written by Kia Stokes entitled, “Unbound”.  Khalfani finished reading the book in an hour, wrote the script in ten days, and filmed the movie in 15 days over a period of 6 to 9 months.  Khalfani studied film at UCLA and began his directorial debut by writing, directing, and producing “4 Life”, a novel based on “A Thug’s Life” by Thomas Long.

“Forgiveness” takes the viewer on a journey through the hidden and sometimes shattered lives of a church congregation and it’s community members.  It explores the concepts of redemption and what it means to be truly forgiven by God and the one’s we love.  “Repentance means change.  You can’t forgive a person unless they change.  It takes a period of time.  It’s not about just apologizing,” stated Khalfani.


“Forgiveness” was also selected as the Best Feature Film by the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Foundation (GCUFF), Martha’s Vineyard African-American Film Festival (MVAAFF) and HBO as well as Best Narrative Feature at the Gary International Black Film Festival and Best Faith-Based Film at the International Black Film Festival (IBFF).

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