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Can UCF make the playoff - Between Classes Magazine
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UCF win Peach game
New team , Same goal

Can UCF make the playoff

Will UCF get lower than 10 in the polls?

Before the UCF game I spoke with my brother about UCF getting lower than 10 in the polls. He said as long as Georgia keeps winning he is fine. Well Georgia lost 36-16. Do not let the score fool you LSU’s kicker Cory Tracy had 18 points.

6,7,8 all fall helping UCF make the playoff

#6 West Virginia fell 30 – 14 to Iowa State. Brock Purdy was 18 of 25 for 254 yards with 3 touchdowns. David Montgomery ended with 189 yards and 1 touchdown.  #7 Washington lost 30 -27 to #17 Oregon in overtime. #8 Penn State was a 21-17 victim to Michigan State. Who job was it to stop Miles Sanders from breaking loose for 162 yards?

What are the Knights doing?


Now the Knights survived a near embarrassment from the Tigers. Memphis jumped  out to a 30-17 half time lead. The internet was going crazy. I was thinking this is their week to gain more respect for themselves and they playing like this. Darrell Henderson almost put up 200 yards on the ground. UCF should give the entire team the game ball. Defense pitched a shutout in the 2nd half, while the offense added the 14 points needed to seal the Comeback.  The Knights fan stuck through thick and thin. #GoKnights

The road is still tough

Cincinnati and USF are still undefeated and can help or hurt the chance of UCF staying Power 6 best hope. Neither one of these teams will be any easy win. The Bulls feel like they are the better team and would love to be in the AAC championship. Cincinnati was 4-8 last year and are undefeated as of now. With a balance attack  of Michael Warren (11 rushing touchdowns) and Desmond Ridder (10 passing touchdowns)

Look for UCF to make history and be in the playoffs.

With games like Alabama at LSU, Clemson vs NC State, Georgia vs Florida , Michigan at Ohio State left to be played. You may have NC State, Notre Dame, LSU and UCF. UCF will make the playoff!

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