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Who has the team to beat Clemson or Alabama

As the college football season moves at warp speed there are a few things very much clear. The Clemson Tigers have a very nasty defense, and extremely fast quarterback. Next the Alabama Crimson Tide

“We want to get a good start.”
running attack is very scary. If it comes down between who has more of an advantage of Alabama’s rushing offense versus Clemson run defense I would tell you flip a coin. Dabo Sweeney and Nick Saban could be giving Alabama fans a glimpse of the future. Word around is whenever Saban retires, which may be five years from now, Sweeney would be the one they want as his replacement, not to mention Sweeney is an Alabama native. However, before we crown Alabama and Clemson the undisputed teams.

There are a few more contenders who are more than hungry to take down either of the two teams on any given Saturday. There is the Georgia Bulldogs who have talent all across the field offensively and defensively. Next there is the Penn State Nittany Lions, Oklahoma Sooners, along with maybe a thirsty NC state team and Miami Hurricanes are looming as well. Not to mention a Washington State team led by Mike Leach and who just knocked off USC. A showdown with the Apple Cup awaits when the Cougars take on the Huskies of Washington and it should be a huge showdown. Oh yea, there is still much more football to be played.

Story by Antwan Jackson

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