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Bulls win but Charlie is still not happy - Between Classes Magazine
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Bulls win but Charlie is still not happy

Happy Homecoming to fellow University of South Florida Bulls before we dive into what happen at the game. The 1st thing you notice is how the Bulls entered the field. The team was behind a gate that resembled a stable just bucking away. They opened the gate and the #18 Bulls stampeded out!!





USF won the toss and Cincinnati started with the ball. They were not able to get anything going so they punted the ball away. USF went to work D’Ernest Johnson 6 yards on the ground and then another 5 yards. Super Stud Quinton Flowers uses his legs for 11 yards and then breaks the defense with a pass to Deangelo Antoine for 20 yards. 1 st and 10 on the Bearcats 15 yard line should be an easy 6 points for this high powered offense but they had to settle for the 39 yard field goal. Bulls up 3-0

Two series later Cincinnati was able to put together an impressive drive. Hayden Moore to Kahill Lewis for 15 yards. Then 12 yards to Mike Boone. On 3rd and 9 from the 49 yard line Hayden Moore connected with Mike Boone again for 18 yards. The Bull Sharks were able to hold them out of the end zone but, the Bearcats added their only points of today with a 30 yard field goal. USF marched right the field 2 more and added 2 more field goals. Bulls up 9-3. The 3rd field goal for the Bulls left everyone upset. When you are 1st and goal on the 4 yard line and can not get it in there is definitely a problem. Although USF is undefeated when they face better competition you have to get that touchdown! Well next drive they did. The big play on the drive was Temi Alaka’s 37 yards catch. He almost took it to the house but the defense had the angle on him. Next play Darius Tice up the gut for the 11 yard touchdown. Bulls up 16-3.



With 2:04 left in the half unless something big happens that should have been the score. Nope. Hayden Moore on the last play of the half connected with USF’s Auggie Sanchez and he returned the interception 65 yards for the touchdown. At this point fans were grabbing their keys and looking for the exit. Some fans stayed to see the Homecoming Kings/ Queens and the sounds from the Herd of Thunder. Bulls up 23-3 (Game over)

Coach Charlie Strong made it real clear in the post game interview that “We have to play better.” The one thing that sticks out to me is they were 6 of 6 in the Red zone but only 2 touchdown. I look for the Bulls to be undefeated when they face UCF. Get that Win and we may be on a flight to Miami or Atlanta .


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