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Brandon "McGlide" McBride of Mississippi State - Between Classes Magazine
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Brandon “McGlide” McBride of Mississippi State

26240456136_a060d2d5dc_zEUGENE, Ore. — The 2016 NCAA Track and Field Championships has started  at Hayward Field with Brandon McBride of Mississippi State looking like the favorite in the 800 meters. He easily dominated his heat posting a winning time of 1:45.48 to set the tone. We were able to witness his smooth running at the 2016 Florida relays in the 4 x 800 meters where he easily anchored the win against one of my favorite runner Andres Arroyo of University of Florida.  I do not know if he has a nickname so we will call him Brandon “McGlide” McBride. We were ready to give him the crown until Freshman Donavan Brazier of Texas A&M had something to say with a time of 1:45.7.

Most freshman and we have three in the final do not know they are not suppose to win they just give it their all. Lets not forget that Shaquille Walker ran a 1:44.99 at the 37th Annual25823031016_9e48db0280_z Sun Angel Classic about 2 months ago. As for the meet record of 1:44.70 set by Mr. Mark Everett in 1990 it could be easily broken by at least 4 runners this year if everyone puts the pedal to the floor. If the record stands next  year it would be in jeopardy again by the juniors Eliud Rutto / Sampson Laari from Middle Tennessee State or  freshman’s Donavan Brazier and Isaiah Harris.

Side note: Andres Arroyo did not make the final but you will see him at the Olympic Games running for Puerto Rico. He qualified with a 1:45.78 in 800 meters at 2016 Florida Relay