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Blue Devils lost to rival North Carolina - Between Classes Magazine
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Blue Devils lost to rival North Carolina

Duke was knocked off the perch they had been sitting on all season.  The Blue Devils lost to their rival North Carolina in dramatic fashion, creating a showdown of Georgia Tech vs Florida State in the Acc championship game.  The Duke Blue Devils lost the game at home 45-20.  Fla St can prepare for the option offense with a game vs Boston College who run a similar offense to a certain extent.  Georgia is Georgia Tech’s final regular season game so Georgia Tech will have a nice tune up game for Fla st as well with the Bull dogs as their next opponent.  The road doesn’t get any easier for the Seminoles if they can just win out.  However that’s easier said than done, due to it looks like it will be five more games for the Noles and that is   a lot of football left.  Georgia Tech leads the conference in rushing and the offense under Paul Johnson has been hard to slow down since he brought in this system from Navy.  If people taught the college football season was over, they are wrong because NOW the new season begins.  (It’s November) where legends are made in college football, and folklore grows bigger than before.


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