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Be Fearless, Be Confident, Be You! - Between Classes Magazine
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Be Fearless, Be Confident, Be You!

Eva Marcille sat down with Sheen Magazine, Sammi Haynes, at this year’s Natural Hair and Health Expo in Birmingham, Alabama. With the goal to educate women of color to pursue their hopes and dreams fearlessly and creatively, Sheen Magazine wants to take people of color to the next level.

The American Next Top Model wanted women in her workshop class to know we are all the same, despite how bold and confidence we may look on the outside.

“We are all women. We are all the same. We might look different, and we might seem different, sometimes. However, at the end of the day, at the core of it, we all bleed blood. We all feel the same,” Marcille said.

Insecurities, fear, and self-doubt are feelings every woman has. The difference between Marcille and other women is she does not let that make her a coward. It was no easy task, but Marcille was determined to fight through her fears. After all, she was her biggest boulder.  33236556422_11fa697df7_z

Marcille told the women in her workshop class, although she might have looked confident and brave, she was scared out of her mind. The girl you saw on Top Model was always fighting her fears on a daily basis. Her insecurities left her questioning, “why me?”

Before she won season three of America’s Next Top Model, Marcille was a Clark Atlanta college student working at Dillard’s. Her time at Clark Atlanta University was some of the best years of her life. An excellent liberal arts school, Marcille was proud to say all the “weirdos” attended Clark. It was an artsy school.

Auditioning for the third season of American Next Top Model was not Marcille’s idea. Her friend from college wanted to audition, and Marcille, being the supportive friend that she was, went with her to the auditions.

They first attended the auditions at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta; however, the line was entirely too long for Marcille. She opted out and went to work instead. Determine to get on the show, Marcille’s friend convinced her to attend a second audition in Memphis. The auditions just so happened to be a callback.
Marcille and her friend were eventually given a number and auditioned for the show. A few weeks later, Marcille received a life changing phone call.

“The Lord has a calling for your life. And sometimes, if you walk on the street he put you on, and you keep going down that road. You will figure out what it is he has in store for you,” Marcille.said.

Marcille never thought she would have made the casting to America’s Next Top Model. After all, the only team she ever made was the step team, unlike her friend who made the cheerleading and dance team. However, somehow, Marcille’s pigeon-toed feet and bow legged legs gave her a killer signature walk in heels that won Ms. Jay’s, heart.

Fighting through your first is only the first step, you have to learn the craft and follow your heart. Marcille did not want her career to be limited to runways and photo shoots. Looking to rebrand herself, as a child, she remembers doing much acting. She was even a part of the AUC players while in college. Marcille loved acting. She enrolled herself in acting classes to nurture her craft.

Marcille thanks “good home training” for building and maintaining relationships. Her genuine and humble persona makes her very relatable to others. Working in this industry, she discovered women in a different country still face the same problems and issues she faces in the US. When filming or doing shows across seas, Marcille found it easy to engage and converse with people of various backgrounds.

Not only do Marcille value her relationships, but she also shows a reflection of her relationships with others in her new Sunglass Eyewear. Inspired by the ones who inspired her, Marcille name each pair of glass after someone who made a tremendous impact on her life. In remembrance of her best friend who recently past of domestic violence and whom she started this journey, Marcille has also included her in her collection.

Marcille’s sunglasses inspiration started as a child. She had a sensitivity towards the light. Her parents encouraged her to wear sunglass out the house to alleviate her of her headache symptoms. She did not have the luxury of wearing stylish sunglasses as a child. Sunglasses to Marcille is not a fashion trend, but a way of life. She wants everyone to have access to affordable and stylish sunglass.

Born and raised in South Central LA, the South holds a special place in Marcille’s heart. The South just gave her something she was missing. They were culturally progressive. Seeing black people prosper was encouraging. Plus, Southern food and hospitality swept Marcille off her feet.

There are two things Marcille is certain with in life. She knows that God is real and she is love. She is at peace with knowing that. As a parting wisdom for the women in her workshop class, she wants them to know they have a fire within them. Despite what you might think, don’t ever let it burn out. Moreover, don’t forget to live to within the purpose God has given you, living outside will create nothing but chaos for you.

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