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“A Man Called Jon” Movie Screening at the LVBFF - Between Classes Magazine
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“A Man Called Jon” Movie Screening at the LVBFF

“A Man Called Jon”, Directed by M. Legend Brown, tells the story about Pastor “Shoutin” Jon Terrell Carson’s unusual style of worship.  Jon tries to contain himself, but he has to run and shout before the conclusion of every service.  Jon’s behavior proves to be too much for the congregation, judging by the petition circulating to remove him from their church.  All but his family have signed and the Carson’s are reluctantly reassigned to another church.  Upon their arrival, Jon soon realizes he will be pastoring an African-American congregation. Thrilled that he can shout without consequence, Jon and his family finally feel at home.  But with a meddling associate pastor and learning that he was sent to the wrong church, will Jon be able to stifle his praise or face being reassigned, yet again?DSC_0821