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82nd Heisman trophy presentation - Between Classes Magazine
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82nd Heisman trophy presentation

On the eve of the 82nd annual Heisman Trophy presentation, a stage where it’s hard to choose the most dynamic collegiate football player in America, an invitation for Dalvin Cook would have been as influential as the current panel of Quarterback’s Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson.
29953832350_111575126f_zDalvin Cook was the best Running Back by far in the nation this year. While going against stacked boxes, Dalvin constantly electrified the nation with his explosive runs, leaving defenders in the dust. However, it’s his vision and ability to see holes before they develop that makes him dangerous.
His final collegiate game will be in his hometown of Miami, Florida at the Orange Bowl.  Cook will face a dangerous Michigan team led by Heisman finalist Jabrill Peppers.  Peppers has played every position on the football field including undisputed team leader.  One thing for certain, the nation will see what’s needed more in the kitchen, the Cook or the Peppers?  Will the Cook sautee the peppers or will the Peppers overpower the cook?

Dalvin Cook

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