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LSU under head coach Ed Orgeron - Between Classes Magazine
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LSU under head coach Ed Orgeron

BATON ROUGE – LSU head football coach Ed Orgeron is not playing about getting the program on the right course. Today I am on going to talk about what he stated after hiring  Matt Canada as the new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the Tigers.

“When I first sat down with Joe Alleva (vice chancellor and director of athletics) and we mapped out a plan for LSU football, we agreed that we were going to demand excellence on both sides of the ball,” said Orgeron. “We want a defense that’s impenetrable and an offense that’s exciting and unstoppable. Anyone who wants to play football at the highest levels is going to want to play at LSU.”

Ok right there an impenetrable defense and unstoppable offense. Wow! Because we are a college magazine lets go to the library and look this up. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/impenetrable , https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/unstoppable. 1st thing comes to my mind on an  impenetrable defense is coach Ed Orgeron providing lawn chairs to the chain crew. The only time the opposing offense will see the red zone is if the Tigers are about to score. The next thing is LSU will need a great punt returner because he will get a lot of touches. Now an unstoppable offense is a little tricky because we know you have Leonard Fournette and love to run the ball. He reminds me of X men’s Juggernaut but has his own powers. Last thing  I will say is if they get what they state they want I will see them in Atlanta 2018 at the Georgia Dome!!

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