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2018 AdvoCare Football Classic - Between Classes Magazine
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2018 AdvoCare Football Classic

The 2018 AdvoCare Classic between the Miami Hurricanes and the LSU Tigers is a matchup of two teams from what many consider the best conferences in college football in the ACC and the SEC. While there is a lot of conference pride at stake when the two teams face off at AT&T Stadium, fans of the Hurricane and Tigers must be hoping that their favorite team is leading their conferences at the end of the season.

Miami Wins if:

The Turnover chain makes several appearances. In the three losses to end the season Miami only forced four turnovers while the offense surrendered seven. Facing a first-time starter in Joe Burrow should give the swarming Hurricane defense plenty of opportunities to force turnovers, and they have to take advantage.

LSU Wins if:

Joe Burrow doesn’t play like a first-time starter. The last few years the Achilles heel for the Tigers has been inept quarterback play. There is enough talent on the defensive side of the ball, and while there will be new starters at receiver and running back, the key is the guy under center. If Burrow does not play like he is overwhelmed by the moment, the Tigers have a chance to pull this upset off.  

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