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2015 Miami Beach Bowl Art Battle - Between Classes Magazine
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2015 Miami Beach Bowl Art Battle

Got Game? Bring it!

Players are brushing up their moves. Fans are painting their faces. Coaches are drawing up the plays. That means it’s time for the 2015 Miami Beach Bowl! AND it’s time for the 2015 Art Battle!

The Miami Beach Bowl is inviting you and other area artists to
submit your best work by November 6, 2015
for a chance to earn the starting position as the official artist of
college football’s hottest game! In addition to your work
serving as the official “look” of the 2015 Miami Beach Bowl, the winner
will be featured in local and national media, as well as select events leading up to the big game.

Talk about a highlight reel!
And you’ll also get a $2,000 cash prize signing bonus!

So paint it, draw it, digitize it- get creative and
BRING IT! Game on!

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